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The PHP Elephants

Webdev workstation cuteness overload


For the PHP developer what little desk doo-dad could be more cuter than a plush PHP elephant?

As of April 2017 PHP is still the language underneath most websites around the world, 82% of all websites according to W3Techs.com and 244 million websites by official site PHP.net ‘s last count. That’s a huge margin and it includes 100% of sites on many super popular platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Laravel.

Every good product and community need a logo, and the story goes that the original elephant was a play on the letters themselves. The first “P” becomes the ear and trunk, then some legs, and an elephant butt formed from the last “P”.

These fun web developer desk toys have been around for about a decade, and they are usually released one at a time for special events. Here’s a reference guide to the Elephpants – from the glittery gold 20th Anniversary model to the True North PHP Wooly Mammoth.

I’ve seen a few in person but never taken one home, although the Flickr Gallery of Elephpants is making me reconsider that decision! Nowhere have I seen a cuter web development product mascot.