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The Benefits of Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

The benefits of building from the ground up

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Why choose a custom website design for your business, product, or service?

There are umpteen thousand templates out there for all ranges of cost, and plenty more services that allow you to choose from a handful of provided themes. But are these designs really right for you? Will they impart the right professional look and feel to your users? How do you even know if they are well coded, and won’t cause you security or compatibility headache in the future?

Strengthen Your Brand

Your website’s design may be the first interaction potential clients have with your brand and company, so it needs to be a good one. The more niche your market is, the more a custom design is going to help you communicate with your customer base. If you have an established business with existing collateral (brochures, business cards, and other print pieces) it will be important to match your current brand standards for consistency.

Your custom website can do all sorts of things that postcards, folders, and fliers cannot. It can involve motion (animation and video), dynamic functionality, lead capture, and grow in size on a daily basis. Shouldn’t all those elements be in alignment with the brand you have so carefully crafted?

Your Message On Point

There is no better fit than one that is made-to-measure, and business website design follows suit (no pun intended). Consider the following:

Too often sites are launched with a completely underwhelming style that “looked great when we bought it”. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen small businesses choose magazine-style themes for a basic “brochureware” website. The art impressed them in some way, probably with professional stock photos of nature or attractive people, and yet was completely inappropriate for the type of content they were going to put up. When they added their own logo and photos, it fell totally flat and all the magic was lost. Then the sunk cost mentality started to kick in and they must have figured, “We’ve put so much time into it — lets just launch it.” What a waste!

Unique and Highly Recognizable

With a custom site design you can be assured that no one else can have it too, and your website will be one of a kind. You did not choose the only blue and white template in the bunch and hope no other competing business did the same.

For niche markets this is especially important because often there are only a handful of options when it comes to premade designs. You could easily find another site using the exact same art but with their logo, and everyone’s brand recognition (and credibility) goes down. Or maybe your customers will recognize the site design from somewhere else online that they have seen, and they draw the conclusion that both businesses cheaped out when building their online presence.

You want to stand out and be remembered! With no other process can you apply your marketing strategy so precisely, and guide every step – revising when necessary – to create a fine finished product.

Sprise Media in Scottsdale, AZ creates custom websites for all types of industry. Please contact today for a free consultation on your current or prospective web design.

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