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Web Design

Good web design is equal parts reinforcement of brand, ease of use,¬† and quality of artistry. It’s the three-legged stool you can use to evaluate your current website and marketing materials.

Evaluating Your Website’s Design

Standing Behind Your Brand

Do the colors, images, and styling match your brand persona? The design of a site should appeal to its user base and create an appropriate feel. A good brand knows that it can not be all things to all people, and it carefully chooses its niche. Sample brand characteristics  include:

A good web designer has a sense of style and the ability to create a strong composition.They are knowledgeable with the technical details of web design (eg mobile browsers, text flow, fonts) and will be able to extend your brand experience into an engaging page.

An Easy to Use Interface

Your users should not have to dig hard to get the information they seek. Will¬† it take too many clicks to do a simple task? If you have multiple audiences such as B2B and B2C, will they each find what they are looking for? A good website design addresses these problems and doesn’t overwhelm the user with needless choices.

High Quality Graphic Design

Elements of high quality design include attention to detail, solid compositional skills, selection of type, color choice, and knowledge of trends. Often times we are drawn to certain pieces without knowing why or how to put it into words, and a good designer will understand the reasons of a compelling work. How do you know you have a good designer? Ask them pointed questions and listen to their answers. Ask them about their inspiration for the piece, and what goals were met in the design they created. They will be forthcoming in explaining these things to you.

Sprise Media creates pages designs for all sorts of websites and web components (forms, interactives, skins, etc). Contact us now to get started on your web design project.