Web Development Scottsdale

Ready to build your website and need a developer who can bring it to life? Whether you need to launch a new project or improve (or fix?) the site you already have, we’ve got you covered with web development Scottsdale style. I’m talking cool drinks and capris if they work on you. We’ll whip your web project into shape and celebrate under the misters.

Brand New Websites & Web Development Scottsdale

Do you have an idea of what you want your website to be, or perhaps a site map drawn up already? Perfect. If you don’t, we’ll go through it step by step and get all the details down on paper in the process.

Web development Scottsdale shop open for business. My approach to web development is from the ground up, creating custom features and UIs from scratch. Can’t find the plugin? I’ll write the plugin, boom, and the mission is accomplished. You’ll have years of experience behind your project and the foresight that comes with many miles of code in the rear view mirror.

Need The Whole Package?

If you need full service web design and development, that’s on offer as well. Does design matter? It sure does! And on top of a solidly built back end, you’ll get a dynamite website.

Updating and Adding Features to Websites

Perhaps you already have your website up and running, and you want to take it further or make adjustments. Do you have ideas already? Great – shoot me an email with your site’s address and what’s on your mind, and I’ll write up a project plan to get your site where it needs to be.

Maybe you want to do something new and cool but you’re not totally sure on the details. I’ll give you one little secret. You can always start with one good idea. One thing that works wonderfully is better than a handful of things executed poorly, or just performing weakly.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Do you need ideas? Get a free consultation by phone or by email, or if you’re in a real hurry you can also pick up great ideas instantly from the sister site to this one: She Builds Websites, 35 Ways to Reimagine Your Website. That’s my booklet with dozens of hot ideas, any one of which can put wings on your business website.

Custom Web Development Scottsdale Projects

I absolutely love building custom features and one-of-a-kind tools for my clients. As the database fills up with records from their tools being utilized, a wave of satisfaction takes over me. You can serve thousands of customers without ever having to answer the phone! I want you to be one of the businesses whose results are having the “best tool in their industry” or is “saving a ton of hours each month” on things their website now does for them. Developing custom features is really that rewarding.

Woman marking sparkler design at dusk, light trails.

Custom CMS Websites Our Specialty

Start to finish custom websites are the big deal around here. Unlike many studios and agencies, we aren’t married to one platform. Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to everything, and it’s what’s right for YOU that really matters. That’s one reason custom websites are so flippin awesome, we get to build to suite and make everything wonderful.

If you’ve heard of WordPress and Drupal (and there are many, many others) then no doubt you know that a content management system “CMS” let’s you the siteowner pretty much run the show on a daily basis. That could look like taking orders, handling customer service, updating your locations and staff directory, and so much more. We can build you a site designed to be managed by you (if you so choose) so that quick changes are a snap, and keeping the site fresh is as easy as opening a web browser.

Truly Local Web Development Scottsdale Services

It’s true! We work with clients remotely as well as in person, and there is a special reassurance to having your web team so close that you can hash things out in person when needed. I’ll prove it to you by telling you something only a local would know: it’s too hot to swim in most pools in the summer. The water heats up to 100 degrees and it’s terribly unrefreshing, except for really large pools. Also, ADOT has been getting really silly with their LED billboards on the freeway. See? Only a local would know that!

Perhaps you’ve been hesitant to hire a php developer because you’ve heard horror stories of projects gone wrong and poor quality coming from far around the globe. I know all about that. You need someone you can trust who is dependable, upfront, and committed. When you can find that in a local freelance professional, hang on with both hands to that unicorn. Get to know a unicorn.

Some stats: I’ve been building websites in Arizona for 7 years now and it has been over 20 years since I built my first website. I could regail you with tales of the old timey internet, but let’s talk about you instead. What are you starting, and how can we get your project cookin’ with gas?

Jumping Cholla aka Teddy Bear Cactus. Thousands of needles in the sunset.

Lauren Grey is a website building machine (well, not literally) with a little bit of sass and a lot of enthusiasm for her clients and their results. She offers free consultations by phone and email, click here to request one and give a URL if you already have a site up and running.

Ms Grey has a penchant for working with women entrepreneurs and furthering the presence of women in tech. Web development Scottsdale is the name of the game. Services for every budget, $1,500 – $30,000 – just ask.