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How to Transfer a Domain Name

Needing to transfer a domain name is something I do so rarely, so I forget about all the little details and caveats involved.

Quick PHP Color Guessing Function

I was in a hurry and needed to guess the basic color of any hex value.

Website Developer: My Thoughts On Being Enthusiastic

There are a few words I hear used to describe me, and most of them make me proud. “Enthusiastic” though, that’s not exactly my favorite.

Web Development and Project Management Lessons You Can Learn From Bees

I’ve been keeping bees for several years now and in this fascinating adventure it’s become clear to me that the bees know a little thing or two about project management and web development.

Coding for Kids – STEM Gifts and Ideas for Children

Want to get your children started in tech but not sure about what entry point would make the right impression?

Website Cost: High vs Low

If you’re looking at the website cost of building or modifying a site, your head might just be turning inside out at the range of options for your project.