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Web Design for Retail Businesses

If you’re a needing a new web design for retail business (and perhaps a whole new website), here are a couple things you should be thinking about in the beginning stages.

Freelance PHP Developer Ditches Google For Searching

For the past week I’ve been trying out something new and I wanted to share my results with turning my back on the big G.

Project Management Skills: Micro Communications

While I take a lot of pride in the project management skills that I do have, there is one clear area of improvement I could make.

Laravel Login Not Working, Auth::user() Returns Null?

When upgrading a 5.

Fix WP Nonce Validation Failing On First Page Load

If you are having a strange nonce validation problem that ONLY happens when you first load a page, and you have Woocommerce running on this particular site, read on.

Women in Web Development – Resources

If it seems like there just aren’t that many women in web development, you’re not wrong! Depending on where you look, web developer teams are about 85-90% men, both in the workplace and among computer science majors.