Website Developer: My Thoughts On Being Enthusiastic

Why I Am Enthusiastic

And why you should be too!


There are a few words I hear used to describe me, and most of them make me proud. Industrious, strong, hard-working, sharp. As a professional freelance website developer with a lot of pride in my skills and abilities, these compliments remind me of how hard it can be to persevere in times of stress and difficulty.

I get the job done and take no prisoners, is what I’m saying.

I cross my t’s and dot my i’s, and then let my test suite confirm it for me. Another website developer or software professional will know what I’m saying: we do great work and then prove it (or weed out any human errors) to assure that we also deliver great work.

Enthusiastic website developer or rockstar!

So I want to talk briefly about this word enthusiastic that pops up from time to time.

Occasionally I’ve been lauded as “enthusiastic”, and I want to shed some light for project owners / recruiters / marketing managers and anyone else who interacts with a website developer regularly.

A Website Developer Has Interests

We are a proud and nerdy people, who like to be amazed and engaged by our own work. We DO stop and think about bits and bytes, and how 1’s and 0’s can guess our next favorite movie or determine a bank transaction was fraudulent. There is real wonder in our work! Technical people of all areas will sing with me on that one.

Many web pros have deep imaginations, and all of us are on board for the near-constant level of learning that it takes (on our own time) to merely keep up with the state of the web. Anyone who isn’t interested will fall away or quickly resent their work.

A lot of us have interesting hobbies, from beekeeping to racing, and we can get a bit obsessed. How could we not, when these things are so fascinating and full of problems to figure out? Our minds are connecting, learning, and optimizing machines.

website developer hobbies could include minifigs

Comedian Jackie Kashian defines the word “dork” in her podcast The Dork Forest like this:

“Someone who obsesses over or loves [any thing]”.

What a wonderful state to find yourself in.

Having a High Level of Interest

It should come then as no surprise that when something worth doing well comes up, or we meet someone on a real mission, a website developer gets interested. Selling something online that has never been done before? Entering and wowing a market that hasn’t been tapped yet and is ready for the solution our client uniquely provides? Sowing the seeds of change in our community with a vital new non-profit?

Of course we’re interested. This is wildly interesting stuff! As our head hits the pillow that night we are often still swirling around with ideas.

Add to this a founder or project owner who is already over the moon in love with their project, and you’ve just lit the tinder on fire.

Boom goes the dynamite! You’re definitely going to make it onto our list of things to talk about over dinner.

Seeing Opportunity

There is something intrinsically exciting about seeing an opportunity that awaits. This happens to me frequently, most recently at a meeting of a potential client who was sitting on a mountain of excellent professional development content. Internally he was waffling on whether to release it at all, do the bare minimum, or go all out with an amazing new brand & service.

As a lifelong student of entrepreneurship and business, I saw the opportunity for a six figure company immediately.

I’m also attracted (like a moth to a lightbulb) to every story of making something big worth more than the sum of the parts. Entrepreneurs that create something from very little, sewing silk purses from what looked to everyone else like sow ears, are highly addictive.

Who can resist opportunity knocking?

I guess that’s where the enthusiasm part comes in.

Yeah, We Want To Geek Out On Your Website & Web App

I build websites, that’s literally how I do what I do but the what and the why is all about seeing your business succeed and grow.

Other webdev pros, take note if you haven’t already burned that into your subconscious. Our work always comes back to a business root — what we do is still about advertising, automating, and bringing traditional business practices online.

So yes, sometimes we want to eat lunch alone at our desk with our eyes glued to the console, sweeping crumbs off the keyboard periodically. And some of us don’t have the greatest people skills of all time, instead being just really really good at what we do. We ultimately want your project to shine so bright that you beg us for a second helping of awesome.

We want your website to make you all the money you hope for, get all the eyeballs your business needs, and change the world in the unique way that your organization intends.

How could we not be excited?

Maybe I am an Enthusiastic Website Developer After All

If we can all agree that this is what it means to be enthusiastic, then I’m in.

It’s not about being blindly optimistic, or excited to take the money and spend it on whatever, or wanting to be liked for being bubbly. It’s about seeing an opportunity with you and the shark brain moves in and says, let’s make that happen in the smartest way possible.

Most of us are introverts after all, so if you’re seeing us excited it probably means there is something good going on!

Lauren Grey is a Scottsdale PHP developer who builds fully custom website solutions for business.

Does your website look great, catch you new customers, answer questions, and automate your day-to-day processes?

If not, she provides gold star freelance web design and development services for enthusiastic clients. There, I said it, you can be enthusiastic too – and I should hope that you are!

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