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City of Scottsdale Water Conservation Workshops

Scottsdale puts on a number of events every year dedicated to saving water and creating beautiful desert landscapes.

3 More Local Scottsdale Coffee Shops for Web Work

When you want some knock-my-teeth-out caffination here are two North Scottsdale Airpark area cafes and one in Phoenix to check out.

Your WordPress Website Was Hacked: What Now?

You’ve been hacked! Something is wrong with your website – changes are appearing that you didn’t initiate.

WordPress Mobile Nav: Create a Select Dropdown From A Custom Menu

Looking to add a jumpnav to your WordPress template so that you can hide the full navigation at smaller sizes?

Build Me a Website Exactly Like This Other Hugely Profitable Website

It’s easy to see a successful web service and think, “I could do that too – Hey website developer, build me a website just like this one!” Here are a couple of pitfalls you need to consider before putting significant time and monetary investment into building a me-too service or “clone” site.

Scottsdale Spectacular: Early 2016 Events

The city of Scottsdale AZ shines bright this year as many of our favorite annual events return.