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How to Choose a Webhost

Gather the technical details of your website project and run through these steps to pick a webhost:

Web Developer Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention

Since sitting at a desk is one of the worst things you can do for your health, I’d like to share what works for me to keep repetitive strain at bay.

Web Design is Full of Compromise

We all want everything to be great, and so allow me to break the ice delicately and suggest that compromise and focusing on your big goals are essential for web design projects.

Scottsdale’s Largest And Oldest Trees?

Something you may not have known about the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is we have at least two (and possibly more) areas with towering, hundred-year-old visitors from across the world.

The Freelance Web Developer Beat

If you are considering freelancing yourself, or you are just curious as to what a freelance web designer / developer gets up to in the course of a day, here are some pearls.

Why Custom Websites Rock It

Like a shirt that fits you just right and makes you look your absolute best, going fully custom on your website has some serious advantages.