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Laravel Login Not Working, Auth::user() Returns Null?

When upgrading a 5.

Fix WP Nonce Validation Failing On First Page Load

If you are having a strange nonce validation problem that ONLY happens when you first load a page, and you have Woocommerce running on this particular site, read on.

Women in Web Development – Resources

If it seems like there just aren’t that many women in web development, you’re not wrong! Depending on where you look, web developer teams are about 85-90% men, both in the workplace and among computer science majors.

Web Development Scottsdale Sites News

Don’t you ever wish you could just download big statistical data and or custom heat maps on the fly?

Scottsdale Web Design For Women Owned, Women Operated Business

An exciting new development for women of all industries in the valley is the new organization WOWOB: Women Owned / Women Operated Businesses.

What is Webdev? Frontend, backend? Webdev explained.

Do you wish there was a How It’s Made episode on building websites?