Cool New Websites for April 2017

Great New Sites '17


Here are a few new and exciting launches with fun things to do, no matter your actual physical location:


If the president’s proposed budget cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has got you down, could there be a more fun way to let your senators know your concerns? ARTIFAX is an online easy faxing service that will make the process a snap – simply choose a piece of black and white artwork that speaks to you, fill in some fields, and click on your representatives. You can even fill in your custom message if you like. The user experience is fun and interactive, which only adds to the artsy vibe of sending pictures with your request., credit Use All Five

Keep Bears Wild

This campaign by Yosemite park is to educate us all about their black bears and get people up to date on bear safety. Annually they are losing dozens of their beautiful bears in collisions with motor vehicles, most of whom are travelling at speeds too high for the park. They’re also promoting good food safety within the park which is another key aspect to staying safe and enjoying mother nature. The coolest feature of this new site though is the online Bear Tracker, where about a dozen bears carrying GPS units are shown on the map in almost real time!, credit Wharton Media

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