Hiring a Freelance Web Designer


Why hire a freelance webdesigner?

Cost Savings

Hiring a freelancer can save you money on your project! Think about it, there is no expensive office to furnish and maintain. Their business will be without many expenses that an agency or design studio would incur, and their own travel/commuting expenses will be lower. Work that would typically be billed $65-$100 per hour in an agency environment is significantly cheaper when you contract that job to a skilled freelancer whose operating costs are a fraction of the agency.

Having said that, there is one caveat. If your prospective web designer’s rates look too good to be true, then it probably is. Your freelance web designer still has to do his or her taxes, pay for insurance, meet their own bills, and do all the tasks usually delegated to a bookkeeper, salesman, and marketer in a traditional company. Certainly they will work hard for you, their client, but there is time set aside each day for these afore-mentioned “non-paying” tasks. You want to be able to call up your web professional to chat about your project and ask questions, don’t you? A good freelancer will be glad to assist you, while the underpaid one will be unable to break from their work to take your call (or worse yet they have farmed out the work to another country).

Hiring a web designer freelance (instead of employing an agency) can also be a great savings to you because the threshold for entry-level projects tends to be lower. Remember “No job too small”? Many agencies start their web pricing at $3,000 and up with no accommodations for smaller jobs. Your freelancer should be able to custom-fit their quote to your exact project needs, not the other way around.

Custom Packages to Suit Your Needs

Freelancers work with a variety of industries and types of clients. We know that one size rarely fits all, and a good webdesigner won’t try to force fit your project into a standard package that is over your budget or misses your needs. Most freelancers are happy to draft a quote uniquely tailored to your project and are more likely to make this-for-that substitutions so that the website you purchase is exactly the website you need.

Flexibility in general is greater with freelance web designers than with agencies, since you will be dealing with a person. One professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant person whose main objective is to bring your ideas to life. They know that all the success and prosperity they bring your way is a direct reflection on their expertise and abilities, and so they work hard for your success – not just your signature on the check.

Freelancers Have Many Friends

Since your freelance web designer has to wear many hats – sales, marketing, bookkeeping, courier, copywriter, proofreader, developer, photographer, consultant, to name a few of the possible many – they have to network with the graphic, creative, and technological communities in their area. They come to know professionals in different areas and with skillsets outside their own. When you need to find a professional in another field, ask your freelancer if they have contacts. If they do, you can review the pro’s they refer you to and enjoy the same benefits of a freelancer and promoting your local economy all over again.

By choosing a freelance designer or website professional you will save money and gain favorable terms and flexibility for your website project. You will be promoting the creative community and local business within your area, and can get access to a host of other types of freelance-rate service providers that you may need down the line. Your freelancer and their professional friends can save you money on this project and the next!

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