Scottsdale’s Tech Education for Kids Goes All Summer Long

More Local Tech for Kids

Ages 5 and up

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“Full Steam Ahead” is Scottsdale’s continuing series for children that features STEAM activities – that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. All of these are free, held at our local library branches, and appropriate for kids 5 and up OR 6-11 (see individual event details).

See the Library 2017 STEAM events calendar

If you have a curious kid, sign them up for some of these fun 45 minute sessions including fossils, fog-inside bubble blowing, and “Magic is Science!”.

As a kid I loved both magic and science, and now as an adult I still do with the caveat that they are basically the same thing!

Why STEAM Is Great For Kids

Children are so curious and impressionable, it only takes a couple of small seeds to inspire a lifetime of interest in science and tech. There is a lot to gain by getting your kids interested in science, the least of which is the possibility of getting them interested in a professional field of study for a long and rewarding career. Computers, climate, biomedicine, the natural world, and ancient fossils are just some examples of what might peak the interest of a young scientist.

Did you ever root around in the yard for bugs and put them in jars? Were you fascinated by the mummies of ancient egypt, their organs in jars beside them, laying for all eternity in elaborate stone tombs? How come frogs lay eggs which then turn into swimming tadpoles before growing legs? Again, science!

Magic is Science

Now that I think about it, I did love magic too as a child. And the whole appeal of magic — from card tricks to casting spells like in Harry Potter — was the predictability of it all. If you could wave your wand and chant a few choice words, producing an expected result every time, how is that not a science? Just because we know how some of these things work (magnets for example) doesn’t make it any less magical.

Scottsdale’s Fun Summer Science Events for Kids

This year’s fun series for kids at the Scottsdale Library branches make me very proud to be a Scottsdale resident. In July bring your kids (ages 5+) by for two fun sessions: Snow In July and Mark Carter: Wow! Science. Remember, these events are no-cost and a great way to entertain and inspire out of the heat. Who knows, maybe you will have to grab some books to borrow to answer their questions and keep the magic alive!

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