Three Reasons to Use a Custom CMS For Your Website

Benefits of a Custom CMS

Security and Speed on Your Own Platform

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There are several very compelling reasons that you should consider starting from the ground up on your website.


“They can’t hit you where they can’t find you.” Attackers try to figure out what technology is underlying your website so that they can exploit known weaknesses. It’s the reason most computer operating system viruses are written for Windows – it has the largest consumer market share. A piece of malicious code has a much higher chance of being run if it is given a large userbase and especially if many of those users are unwittingly vulerable.

With so many websites powered by popular titles like WordPress and Drupal, security updates must constantly be issued and applied so that the hundreds of thousands of installs do not stay open to the newest attack. But with a custom content management system, a hacker must dedicate sufficient time to the one system to try and undermine it. It becomes a problem of diminishing returns and it is easier to aim one common attack at many sites.

If you have access to your server logs you can easily see how many requests are made to URLs of potential vulnerability, such as xmlrpc.php (WordPress). With a custom CMS you can avoid these pitfalls.

A Perfect Fit

For a one-size does not fit all situation there is nothing like a custom product built exactly to your needs. If your product or service does something truly different and does not fit easily within the WordPress or Drupal convention, you may be best served by starting from the ground up.

At their core content management systems are tools to make your web authoring easier, not harder. Shoehorning an idea onto the wrong platform may bring the service quickly to launch, but it will create problems down the line. Issues such as scaling, administration (including training new users on a quirky system), and consistency may develop.


Like the fastest Formula One racers, producing the fastest web service possible involves stripping away all of the unnecessaries. Why run your business website or service on a blogging platform if you have no need for comments, publishing iterations, or post scheduling? Or what if you have encountered a bottleneck with your current website that is expensive or impractical to overcome?

With a custom solution to your web project every aspect can be tailored for high performance at an optimal speed. A skilled development team can build you a stunning website that doesn’t lag. An inexperienced team can cobble something together that performs well on desktop or with small traffic only.

Sprise Media in Scottsdale Arizona has the experience to build your custom web CMS solution. Please contact today to start planning your project.

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