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Big data for businesses. Do your research online!


Don’t you ever wish you could just download big statistical data and or custom heat maps on the fly? Now you can! In the news of local web development Scottsdale Sites has put out some brand new tools to make gathering data even easier for business.

The url is www.scottsdalesites.com and this is part of the city’s campaign to bring more economic activity into the Scottsdale area. Want to know about commercial property for sale or lease? Scottsdale Sites has it! Wondering how many businesses have 5-10 employees on a very specific shape on the map? Scottsdale Sites will tell you instantly!

This service is a GIS or “geographic information system”, which combines hoards of collected data and the ability to place it all on a map. You’ve used this anytime you’ve looked for a new place to live, filtering down neighborhood information as well as the properties themselves. GIS is that unique intersection between the map and the overlays it offers. You can draw unique and insightful conclusions when this data is put together.

For businesses applications, Scottsdale Sites helps prospective new businesses choose where they will want to set up shop in the area. Next to the similar businesses, or in an area with a little more exclusivity? On an affluent intersection or somewhere with a more affordable price point? All this is at your fingertips with the web application that the Scottsdale is providing.

About the Web Development Scottsdale Sites Has Created

There are a couple of things the new tool is doing really nicely from a web development standpoint. First of all, it’s really fast! As an information junkie, you can imagine my delight that searches are returned pretty much instantly with very little “computer thinking time”.

A lot of the older GIS data services (property records for example) are on older systems. These require special browser conditions like “works on IE only” or plugins that are falling out of favor (Silverlight, Flash). But Scottsdale Sites works right out of the box for me on Firefox for Linux. Yes, score!

The interface doesn’t make me think too much, and I like this a great deal. There are plenty of things to do and overlays to generate, but not so much that you have to feel like a trained professional at using this website. Color choice is attractive and neutral feeling.

Like most big data products, the more I play around with Scottsdale Sites the more questions I have. Like the Incorporated Cities layer: there are so many small boxes that are seemingly outside the cities. Why? My interest is piqued!


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