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An exciting new development for women of all industries in the valley is the new organization WOWOB: Women Owned / Women Operated Businesses. Started recently as a three way between the Women’s Business Institute, Splash Printing and Marketing, and Structure for Success, WOWOB already has about a hundred members. You will find me there as well, representing for professional Scottsdale web design services!

I’m proud to say that there are some of the very large businesses in Arizona who have women at the helm. The Book of Lists this year has a great section all about companies run by women. From auto part suppliers to utility companies to beverage magnates, women are leading very large organizations here in the desert. WOWOB takes it a step further and has now a directory of over 100 women owned businesses as well as a handy smartphone app to find them instantly.

Why choose local women owned business? All in one go you will be supporting your state economy, encouraging a competitive marketplace, and giving women a chance to shine as leaders. Choose what’s best for your business, using each opportunity to forge new relationships and putting your dollars to work in your community.

Women Owned, Women Operated Businesses

What’s the difference of women owned business anyway? The answer to that varies as much each company does. For many companies it’s still all about finding the optimal profit and loss, securing the business for the future, and generating a return for the shareholders. There are plenty of women CEOs at very traditional companies, and you would never have guessed from the outside.

On the medium sized and small business scale though, each business tends to take on more and more attributes of the owner. Regardless of gender, haven’t you ever walked into a shop that was incredibly laid back OR strangely tense and frantic? The employees are picking up (or being run ragged by) the personality and management style of who is in charge. Many women owned businesses therefore have very caring, socially responsible, or nurturing undertones to them.

Would it surprise you to know that The Body Shop, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and BarkBox have women founders? I’m guessing you are not that shocked at the news! Each of these big businesses owned by women shows a kindness of sorts, and that is one of the wonderful things that women do very well when they lead.

Women Owned Web Design

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Another thing that women do particularly well (and remember this is a generality, not an absolute) is listen. We can be exceptional listeners, and we use this skill often when problem solving.

I can tell you right now – and any women in your life will confirm this – that I have never been in a conflict and thought, “I could just punch you in the face right now and end this.” This isn’t a viable solution for women, as it requires being the strongest person in the room and bullheaded. Plus all of our life experience tells us that this won’t end well for us!

Women have to be savvy in other ways. We don’t throw punches but we do get crafty. We trend towards likeable, kind, and warm in personality. This is one reason women can rise so quickly in sales at the right organization – there is something different about working with a woman, and it shows!

What does all this mean for YOUR business and the Scottsdale web design that I do? It’s about that different track that women follow to get things done. The way we listen intently and craft a highly customized website solution that feeds back into your brand, and occasionally puts it on steroids. Can a dynamite concept and execution really get free extra traction for your business over an average one? You bet it can!

Lauren Grey builds websites in Scottsdale for businesses in all industries. What more could your business website be doing for you? Get serious about your project, request a free strategy session today and give a URL if you already have a site up and running.

Ms Grey has a penchant for working with women entrepreneurs and furthering the presence of women in tech. Services for every budget, $1,500 – $30,000 – from fun size to full size Scottsdale web design projects.

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