WordPress Mobile Nav: Create a Select Dropdown From A Custom Menu

Wordpress Select Navigation

Quickly add a mobile friendly navigation to your website


Looking to add a jumpnav to your WordPress template so that you can hide the full navigation at smaller sizes? Here is a snippet for your template to get you started. Simply add a little javascript and CSS as your project requires.

This code will indent child items as well as put brackets around for-hierarchy items (ones that have no URL to link to).

Replace the menu slug “main-menu” as needed.

$menu_items 	= wp_get_nav_menu_items('main-menu');
$html			= '<select>';
$has_children 	= array();
$has_parent		= array();

foreach($menu_items as $row) {
	$title 	= $row->title;
	$url 	= $row->url;
	$parent	= $row->menu_item_parent; // no parent will be 0
	$pad 	= '';
	if($parent != '0') {
		$pad .= ' - ';
		// Add this id to the child items list
		$has_parent[] = $row->ID;
		// Add the parent to the parents array
		if(!in_array($parent, $has_children)) $has_children[] = $parent;
		// If our parent is also a child, we need to indent further
		if(in_array($parent, $has_parent)) $pad .= $pad;
	// Bracket empty (placeholder) list items
	if(empty($url)) $html .= '<option>['.$pad.$title.']</option>';
	else $html .= '<option value="'.$url.'">'.$pad.$title.'</option>';

$html .= '</select>';

echo $html;

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